Shigeru Yamahara

It seems to me that the number of visitors to Shikoku is now booming.

Maybe one of the reasons for it this is that bridges were built and bring Shikoku closer to people. Bus tours to temples are so popular that groups of people with stamp collection books are keep flowing and flowing in.

On the other hand, people who rely only on their own feet traveling around are also increasing. For people who believe in Shintoism and Buddhism, there are many shrines and temples nearby. People who want to repent their ways of living, people who are facing difficulties in their lives, people who are seeking for new ways of living, and people who want to thank for their lives.

There are people deliberately arrange a holiday and sometimes even have their jobs resigned, to go to Shikoku to spend tens of days. Being embraced by the nature of Shikoku, they come in touch with traveling companions and receive warm hospitality from people of the area.

How about in the world of flowers? Pot-seedlings are now so easily available. You can feel the sense of enjoyment as soon as after you transplant them into flower pots or flower beds. Moreover, they can last of a long time. When the flowers finish blooming, you can move them into other pot. As pot-seedlings are becoming more and more popular, flowers are getting closer to us.

On the contrary, in order to appreciate Siebold's primroses, great care on the flower have to be taken through out the year.

After the flowers fully bloom, fertilizer will have to be given in order to help their leaves to grow firmly. Even if the leaves wither, you should continue to water them taking care of their roots in the soil. And when the news buds come out of the soil, you would both feel glad and worry. When transplanting in midwinter, you won't bother to have a running nose when fine buds come out. Even when new leaves come out, you will have to worry about the late frost. Finally even flowers bloom, the whole same procedures will have to start again.

It seems to be common for people who choose a interest like this. For people who like to live restfully and have a freed mind, I hope you can take Siebold's primroses at an interest. Thank you.