Naniwa Siebold's primrose Association

As a supporter group of Siebold's primrose, this association was started by over ten people sharing the same interest in 1936. However, during the second World War and the postwar period, it is not the time for people to think about flowers. Therefore, they had no choice but to put it on hold. Thanks to the members' effort, seedlings are preserved, and the association got to fresh start in 1955. It is more than 60 years since the establishment of this association, and members have spread all over Japan. It has a long history as an association for pleasure.

This association does various studies on Siebold's primrose, preservation of species, exhibitions and announcements, distribution of seedlings, members gatherings and publication of journals.

General meetings:
We have a general meeting once a year. There, we exchange information, cultivation instructions, slide shows, and distribution of seedlings and so on.

We hold one annually at Nagai Park.

Various articles on Siebold's primrose (academic cultivation methods, essays and random thoughts) are placed on record. They are published once a year and the most recent one is No.37. No. 1 to No.13 are available at the National Library.

Admission information:
1000 yen for an admission fee and 3000 yen for the annual membership fee should be paid to the office.
Once you have joined two kinds of distribution seedlings (two for each) and one journal will be sent.

The office & reference:
4-4-27, Minamitadeicho, Sakai, Osaka, 590-0015
C/O Mr. Tomoshige Hirota
Tel & Fax: 072-228-1010
E-mail :

Other Siebold's primrose associations:

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at Kodaira City in Tokyo

Saitama Siebold's primrose Association
at Saitama City in Saitama


Schedule for all activities in 200‚S year

1. General meeting, training workshop, Siebold's primrose buds distribution meeting
Place : the third meeting room on the second floor of building A of the Sun Square
(Get off the train at Sakai City Station and walk 3 minutes to the west)
Date : from 1:30 p.m. on February 1‚Tth ( Sun.)

2. Exhibition:
Place : the Information Center of Flower, Green and Nature at Nagai Park
Date : April 2‚Oth ( Tue.) to 25th ( Sun.)
Class titled "How to grow Sieboldfs primrose" from 1:30 p.m. on 25th at the lecture room of the Information Center of Flower, Green and Nature at Nagai Park. The lecturer is Mr. Shigeru Yamaha, Chairperson of this association.

3. Exhibition hall:
Takagamo Shrine (get off the train at Gosho Station of the South Osaka Line of Kintetsu Railway and take a bus to Kazenomori)