The Cultivation Management

After transplanting: After giving enough water, put the flower pot under sunshine and take measures against frost. After that, give a little water whenever the topsoil gets dry. When new buds come out, it is necessary to give liquid fertilizer two to three times to let the flower to grow securely. In April flower buds should come out from the soil.

During flowering: Since the flowers are weak to rain and wind, place them in sheltered places. It will be interesting to arrange different types and colors in contrast for appreciation. In case of indoor, change the arrangement in 2 to 3 days. During flowering period, pay attention to the flower to prevent them from drying up.

After flowering: After blooming period, their stem should be cut off as soon as possible. New buds and roots will gradually grow in the soil, so try to provide them with enough fertilizer. Since new buds will come out from the soil as they are growing, in order to assist them to grow, additional soil with fertilizer will be needed. It is also advise to keep the leaves as long as possible.

Summer period: When the leaves begin to wither, the roots and stems will stop growing and the flower will enter their resting stage. Since the buds in the pot are still alive, please do not forget to water them. In addition, as they dislike the heat of summer, it is advise to shade them from direct sunshine or move them into the shady place. Also, try to keep the weeds out. Within the weeds, only leave violets because they are harmless and can help as an indicator of lack of water.

Autumn period: As the sunshine gets softer, sunshade will be unnecessary. If the weather gets cooler, flower buds will start to grow inside the new buds. When the topsoil gets dry, only watering will be required but not fertilizer. Transplanting is possible in November. Since the weather is calm, works within this period should be easier. Merely, just plant them a little deeper.

Winter period: Siebold's primrose is very strong to cold weather, and buds will still be all right even if the pot soil is frozen. Please leave them alone and be patience until the next spring. In case of autumn planting, roots will sometimes be pushed out from the soil because of ice crystal. If they are left unattended, the flower will die. Therefore, protection against cold is necessary. Finally, transplantation in autumn planting should be carried out in the middle of February.

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