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"In our country, grass and cherry both blossoms too." by Issa

Siebold's primrose are flowers which look like cherry blossoms, but bloom a little later then them. These flowers, which used to grown at shinny foothills, have received continuously improvement since Edo period. They are gradually passed down to present as a traditional Japanese horticulture.

Their figures are gentle and graceful, and they are being described as "Gentle yet elegance." There are few hundreds of species at present. They all process their own personality and character. Not only their beauty, but also their changes in appearance in are appreciated .

Furthermore, Siebold's primrose is now been chosen as Osaka Prefecture's flower as well as the flower of Saitama Prefecture and Saitama City. This is the homepage to promote and preserve Siebold's primrose.

Now, please have a look to these outstanding Siebold's primroses.
Nanking small cherry blossom Chinese red Heavenly maiden Springfs No.1 Morning sun
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